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Hi, I’m Kim!

I'm a mindset coach & business mentor for high-achieving, passion-driven solopreneurs and coaches.

I want to help you get out of your own way, simplify and streamline your strategy, so you can build a business you're wildly in love with that also gets you paid!

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Private Mindset Coaching & Business Mentoring for Solopreneurs and Coaches.

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Joanne Ozug

Food & lifestyle blogger, video creator, and on-camera personality, fifteenspatuals.com

Unimaginably life-changing.

Coaching with Kim has been completely mind-blowing. Basically, I wish I could go back in time and start coaching with you earlier. It is incredible what an hour together, once a week has done for my business and life, and our call is always the highlight of my week!

Considering how much that hour each week has positively impacted every area of my life, it’s the most efficient and productive hour of my week. I have gained so much more than I hoped for, and I seriously couldn’t have dreamed up the massive growth and change that I’ve gotten from working together!

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Daniela Giangiorgi


"It's literally been one of the greatest investments of my life!"

When I came to Kim, I was stuck. My vision was there but not clear enough. I had a webinar project to complete, and I was stalling and it felt like it was taking a lot of discipline and hard effort. It wasn’t enjoyable.

Kim brought back the inspiration that I was hungry for and knew was within me but was somehow eluding me. She gave me access to my genius.

After I got off my coaching call with her I had words pouring out of my heart and soul. It was a golden time.

Now, I’m proud to say I completed my first webinar ever and had 100 attendees! I am forever grateful to Kim, her heartfelt approach, her savvy nature and her expertise.

I have a clearer understanding of my messaging and how to communicate with my clients. I gained more confidence, a clearer more inspired vision, and JOY!

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life coach & writer

Mette Semb-Lund

Kim, I want you to know, I think you’re one hell of a coach. I love the way you work; you are a true inspiration.

Kim’s given me the space I needed, when I needed it, yet gently pushed me forward, never letting me fade out or lose sight of the goal. I didn’t only find a great coach who delivered what I hoped for, but I also got a new friend in the process, too.

I realized I don’t need to hide, not personally, not professionally, not who I really am. Realizing this has been nothing short of amazing. I also see myself and the ways I need to go more clearly, and I’d say Kim raised the bar on how to be as a professional. I’ve expanded my comfort zone on so many levels. I’ve gained a greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem as well.

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"Working with Kim was an experience that I truly believed has helped me to uplevel my business & myself. I wouldn’t have followed through with a lot of my goals in the past 4 months without Kim. Because of this my business has grown because of my increased visibility and I’ve become a healthier person (mind and body).

Kim is such an easy person to talk to - I always felt I could be completely honest and she'd support me. Kim helped me to flesh out ideas of where I wanted the business (and myself) to be. She asked me the questions that helped me to be clear on what I want and why!"

Pinterest Marketing Mentor

Clare Drake

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“I honestly don’t know where I’d be right now if it weren’t for Kim. She’s really helped me see a version of myself I had a hard time seeing for years.

Within 6 months, I launched my website and gained the confidence I needed to start the business I’ve always wanted. Kim provided me constant check-ins to help me stay the course. She was my cheerleader but also let me have it, when I didn’t follow through with a goal (in a good way).
Kim is so kind and helps you ease your anxiety. Her guidance really helped me push forward and gain the confidence I needed for the next level in my life. I will always be grateful for her.”

founder of Thrive Rally

Belinda Solis

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"I started working with Kim because I was feeling 'stuck' in my business. Prior to working together I was completely burned out. I felt like I was trying to run in a million different directions with absolutely no clarity anywhere. After every single call with Kim, I left with clear understanding of what I needed to do, the confidence to go after it and the excitement to keep moving forward.

Now, I have two businesses that I am in love with. The confidence I have in myself to run a successful business on my own terms is so wonderful.

I cannot thank you enough, Kim, for your guidance, patience and understanding. You've helped me gain so much clarity around myself and my business. Your demeanor always made me feel valued, listened-to and understood."

branding strategist, visual designer and blogger

Kelly Wittman

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"Working with Kim helped me to get to the next place I needed to be.

We did deep work around me holding myself back, patterns I have, my beliefs around money, and feeling better about marketing. Now I feel ready to do this and give it my all. Kim showed up 110% for me, and it helped me show up that way, too. Our sessions were full; every session was filled with a lot of clearing of blocks and working through my feelings. I felt beyond supported, never judged. I felt like Kim truly believed in me. I really felt like she was on top of it, cared about me, and was devoted to my journey.

So powerful. So good. So transformative. Amazing. Powerful. Exactly what I needed."

life coach

Kelley Cooper

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It felt like a seismic shift in the realization of what I need to do professionally and also understanding and feeling empowered by what my worth is personally and professionally. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find someone as empathetic, kind, challenging, articulate, and thoughtful as Kim to help decode your life and give you perspective. AMAZING."

writer & creative

Alex May

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