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Want to know what I learned going from riding the struggle bus in business, always wondering where my next client was coming from, and barely making enough to pay my NYC studio apt rent to making over a million in revenue in the last four years, and $700k in the last two?

👉🏻 Being great at what you do isn’t enough if you want to scale past six figures and make the kind of money that doesn’t make sense - and make that on repeat, month after month, year after year.

👉🏻 Loving your work and being fired up with passion doesn’t deposit checks into your bank account if no one understands what you do.

👉🏻 And, knowing you can help people - if only they could experience your work - without being able to explain what it is you actually do in a way people GET is making business harder than it needs to be and will keep you hitting an income ceiling.

Look, I used to buy into and believe “be so great they can’t ignore you.” 

Except a decade in the entertainment industry showed me, you can be talented, dedicated, and have a great work ethic, and they can still ignore you.

Seven years into business, booked out making multi-six-figures for years, and supporting countless clients to six and seven figures has led me to believe there’s something else your genius asks of you if you want people to pay attention and pay you and want command a bigger paycheck: a clear, specific, and unique message and position in your marketing strategy.

What I came to learn while acting that allowed me to land agents and lucrative gigs was Los Angeles was littered with talent, and there was always someone younger, skinnier, prettier, more connected that arrived every minute - 

BUT, not everyone understood the business of acting and how to differentiate themselves when they were given the same lines and materials to audition as every other doppelganger. 

I did.

And, knowing I was not only great at my craft, but ALSO trusting myself to lean into the way only I could embody a part and bring words not written on the page to life is what allowed me to book over a dozen commercials and just as many indie films.

This ability to see between the spaces in words, hear what’s left unsaid, and connect the dots to tell a story in a new way is the same superpower that allows me to coach my husband to landing TV gigs today (without fighting 😜)

and more importantly, this is what allows me to help my clients own their zone of genius and talk about their work in a way people not only understand, but also feel compelled to stop the scroll, pay attention, and get obsessed with why they’re the ONLY choice and who they need to hire. 

I know you’re great at what you do, and it’s time to stop relying on “being so good they can’t ignore you”. 

Because, said with love, this is keeping you a “best kept secret”.

I want to help you show the world *why you* so you can be one of the business owners getting noticed, blowing up online, and making the kind of money that doesn't make sense.

That’s exactly why I’m excited to bring back

a new and improved Free Masterclass,


Because your words matter. Your words are what repel and sell.

You'll walk away from this class with a unique approach that blends mindset and strategy to help you tap into your creative edge and identify messaging that stop the scroll, helps you actually sound different from everyone else in your right fit client’s feed, and gets them hanging on your every word, obsessed, and wanting to work with and buy from only YOU.

I’m also breaking down the simple way to grab your audience's attention online - without using clickbait, feeling like you’re screaming writing in all caps, or relying on marketing tactics that work, but let’s be honest, make most of us feel kind of shady - so you can own the power of your words to sell more.

As a special gift for signing up, you’ll also get a bonus cheat sheet with 200+ powerful words to help you supercharge your marketing, stand out, & get paid. This alone is worth signing up for IMO.

My 1:1 clients pay me $$ to support them with their mindset, messaging, content, marketing, and sales and get epic results like going from $0 to fully booked, replacing their corporate salary, and scaling to $800k years thanks to the power of their words.

Now I want to help you with the same for free.

Ready to update, upgrade, and uplevel your message so you can unapologetically own your words that sell for $10k, $20k, and even $100k months?

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