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"Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life." -Tony Robbins

I'm going to share the exact mindset practices I use on a daily basis to keep my mindset in shape. I believe everything we do begins with having a strong success mindset, and our mindset is something we have to continue to work on and strengthen to keep it strong and working for us.

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(To get the most out of this Masterclass, set aside 40 minutes to watch the full class.)


I'd love for you to watch the entire Masterclass to get the most out of it, but if you want to revisit the practices or jump around, below is a cheat sheet with time stamps for you:

{2:45} Gratitude: The why, how it benefits us, and how to practice. Learn how gratitude can boost our happiness, mental strength, physical health, and set us up to see more positive opportunities in life.

{7:29} Meditation: Meditation has changed my life. Learn the benefits of meditation, how often to practice, my go-to meditation tools, and my favorite, easy way to practice daily.

{19:55} Visualization: Visualization is creating mental imagery. Learn how visualization affects our mind and subconscious and why this is even important. I'm sharing how I like to visualize and walk you through creating your own visualization practice. You'll also find out how visualization has affected my life!

{26:20} Create Your Best Day: Written Visualization. Learn how to create a written visualization, how this affects our brain, and when and how I use this mindset practice! 

{30:30} Affirmations: How affirmations affect our mindset and help us rewire our brain, how to create powerful affirmations, what to look out for when setting affirmations, how to practice affirmations. (Warning: I get loud here!) 

Wishing you your version of success!