Strategic Stories that Sell

Get ready to stand out, get KNOWN, and get paid by clients who want to hire you, and only you!

with multi-six-figure mindset & business coach Kim Argetsinger

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Blue Ocean Strategy teaches us that “the best way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition”.

And, let’s be honest - the online space is starting to feel a lot more like everyone trying to beat one another, and it’s starting to look and sound more and more the same every day with copies of copies of copies.

After generating a million dollars in revenue in the past four years, $700k in two from 1:1 by leveraging my unapologetic words that sell in my content strategy, and supporting clients 1:1 for over seven years to generate collective multi-millions from their marketing, I KNOW what Blue Ocean Strategy teaches us is true.

You don’t make moves and money by fitting into someone else’s mold.

You steal the spotlight and fill your bank account when you make your own mold...and show up and own your unique edge in a way no one else - not even ChatGPT 🤪- can.

I also know after spending a decade acting in Hollywood (yes, that Hollywood) and breaking into the advertising world here in NYC as a director’s rep, that the kind of talent that grabs eyeballs, hearts, and compels you to lean in, hang on their every word, and say ‘Take my money!’ starts with your ability to get visible and truly seen with the power of sharing your words that sell through unique and strategic storytelling.

I’ve been testing incorporating the age-old strategy of storytelling into our marketing and have watched reach and conversions blow up as a result.

Adding in strategic storytelling boosted one post 1324.29% and our content increased by an average of 500% in reach without spending a dime on ads.

That’s bonkers. 

What’s even better than a 500% increase in visibility and brand recognition? 

STRATEGIC storytelling helps you break away from the pack of doppelgangers AND helps you get KNOWN to build the kind of know, like, and trust that brings you right-fit leads who turn into right-fit clients who can’t wait to hire and pay YOU, and only you.

That’s exactly why I’m excited to offer you a brand new free masterclass,

Strategic Stories that Sell.

Storytelling is a craft us humans have been using since our cave person days. And, after over two decades of studying stories, I’ve spiced things up and created a fun and simple framework that strategically supports you in telling the kind of stories that take you past entertaining so your content and copy stands out, takes up space, and gets you seen and KNOWN as an industry leader.

I’ve created a unique strategic storytelling process based on what works in the tv and film industry to help you know exactly what stories to tell to help you leverage your stories to attract your people, connect on a deeper level, and sell for you - - and, I’m spilling the tea and sharing it all with you!

While I’ll never tell you there’s one strategy, or one ‘secret’ to success, learning how to take up space and effectively market your unique edge through powerful and strategic storytelling is essential in today’s online space if you’re ready to make your mark and blow up for $10k, $20k, and $100k months on repeat.

Gifts are my business love language, so when you sign up for this Free Masterclass, you’ll also receive:

  • An in-depth bonus workbook you can use to apply and implement the strategic stories that sell process in your own business.
  • One entry to win a full-length 1:1 $100k CEO mindset & strategy coaching session with me (a booked out, multi-six-figure coach with over seven years of experience supporting clients to six, multi-six, and seven-figures)

Most coaches with the level of experience I bring charge for their masterclasses, but I want to share this with you for free because I know while strategic storytelling isn’t *everything* that goes into making sustainable six and seven-figure results, it’s a tool that can support you in reaching your income goals, and I want you to have access to this. It’s also way too much FUN to keep to myself!

Ready to stand out, get KNOWN, and get paid by clients who want to hire you, and only you? Sign up to get your free seat below!

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