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Six-Figure Content Strategy for Conversions, Clients, & Cash

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Sick of spending hours on a piece of content only to hear crickets…nada..zilch?

Feel like the only person who “likes” your posts - and even sees it - is your mom (thanks, mom!) and best friend?

Starting to feel like maybe the online space is too crowded, busy, and loud for you to stand out and if it’s even worth it?

Or maybe you’re starting to question your work and if you’re even cut out for running a business because it just feels so damn hard to get traction online - yet alone book clients and make money….

Friend, I hear you, and I got you.

After over six years in business posting content daily, I’ve not only built a successful, booked out 1:1 practice that brings in consistent $30-$40k cash months, I’ve also supported countless clients with the same for their own content strategies that convert into booking clients and making making bank deposits on repeat and have a thing or ten to say about what goes into content that stands out and sells online.

Now, I want to help you do the same, so you can stop feeling confused about what to say to bring in the people you want to work with who are ready to pay you and start showing up with the kind of content that builds that know, like, and trust that’s essential for paving the path to sales and next-level income and impact.

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Six-Figure Content Strategy for Conversions, Clients, & Cash

I’m peeling back the curtains and spilling the tea on the FIVE key pillars for a successful content strategy that take you from hiding in plain sight to scroll-stopping content that brings in clients who want to work with YOU, and the simple framework you can use to strategically warm up your audience and turn them into raving fans who love to pay you.

When you sign up, you’ll also get a BONUS playbook with the exact content and copy prompts I give my clients and use myself to generate posts that stop the scroll, connect, and convert into clicks, engagement, and sales.

AND, that’s not all! As an additional bonus and thank you for joining me, you’ll be entered to win a FREE Content That Stands Out & Sells Strategy Session. I’m fully booked with a waitlist and don’t offer single sessions, and my clients pay $$ for this kind of personalized business and money-making support. You’ll receive one entry just for signing up and another one for joining the Masterclass live and saying ‘hi’.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop spinning your wheels and hearing crickets, and get yourself signed up below for more conversions, clients, and cash!

*Masterclass will be live September 27th at 4:00 pm EST/1:00 pm PST.

(yes, a replay will be provided)

During this masterclass you’ll:

  • Learn the missing link to your content strategy and identify the shift that turns content into a conversion and cash machine.
  • Workshop the 5 essential content marketing strategy pillars that turn your words into a sales force that works for you while you sleep to build relationships, warm up leads, and bring in clients who are ready to hire you.
  • Learn the simple content framework you can use to strategically warm up your audience and turn them into raving fans who love to pay you
  • Learn the biggest note I give my 1:1 clients to help them stand out online and sell out their programs for big results (like their own $10k and $20k cash months).
  • Discover the most important question you need to answer with any piece of content you create if you want to leverage it as a part of your sales process for making money on repeat