Sell Without the Sleaze:
a proven six & seven-figure sales call framework

Get ready to sell without the scripts or ick and learn how to screen for qualified leads, weed out misfits, and book more clients who can’t wait to pay you! 

with mindset coach & business mentor Kim Argetsinger

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I know you’ve been told you need a script to sell and some pushy tactics to “overcome” objections if you want to bring in the kinds of clients that make you six and seven figures.

Otherwise, you have an expensive hobby they say (how f*ing condescending is that, btw?!).

So, any time you get a discovery call you: 

🤯frantically try to memorize your “lines” from that course you took

😬go scrolling that IG influencer’s page looking for the “right” thing to say to hear the magic words, “I want to work with you”

🤫secretly hope they’ll cancel the call or you’ll be too sick to show up and even have the conversation.

Look, I was sold the same story when I started my business, and sales calls used to keep me up at night, tossing, turning, and “rehearsing” exactly what I was going to say.

Luckily, I like my sleep and making money, and this didn’t last for too long 😜

I’m not one to follow the rules or listen to the gurus, so I decided I’m pretty smart and can find my own way to hold and lead sales calls that don't rely on someone else’s words or preying on someone’s insecurities or scarcity.

What I can tell you after hundreds of sales calls that have kept me fully booked for over four years and brought in 1 million cash during that time from 1:1 alone is I KNOW there’s a way to sell with service and integrity that has clients lining up telling YOU why they need to hire you and can’t wait to pay you. 

I also KNOW you can have sales calls that feel damn good to you AND the person you’re selling to because I hear all the time how much people LOVE my sales calls, how refreshing and healing they are, have clients sell ME on letting them hire me, and book 90% of my calls with right fit clients who stick around to renew again and again. 

I also KNOW, while sales scripts and tactics don’t work long term, there IS a specific strategy and mindset behind highly-converting sales calls that can take you from stressed and frustrated you’re always hearing “I can’t afford it” -> to liking, even loving, your discovery calls and booking out your programs and waitlists with clients who are all-in and READY to invest.

I’ve taken what’s worked for me, that’s backed in sales psychology and how humans make decisions and buy, and put it together into a sales call framework that my clients have tested to go from struggling to book clients to making $100k, $250k, $800k, and a million+ per year.

Now, I want to help you do the same.

I’m on a mission to change the way you think and operate when it comes to sales, and that’s exactly why I’m excited to invite you to this Private Workshop,

Sell Without the Sleaze:
a proven six & seven-figure sales call framework

Instead of a sales script that gets you stuck in your head, overthinking, and wrapped around perfectionism, you’ll walk away with a proven framework you can tailor to you and your offer that you can use to confidently hold powerful sales calls and book out your business with the kinds of paying clients you’d secretly work with for free.

Ready to sell without the script or sleaze and learn how to screen for qualified leads, weed out misfits, and book more clients who can’t wait to pay you?

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During this workshop you’ll:

  • get things started by taking a look at the way you think about selling and showing up on sales calls and the sales mindset that will help you stop pushing great-fit clients away and start creating the kind of space that makes people feel like you’re the ONLY option for them to hire.

  • workshop the anatomy of a highly-converting sales call and create a framework that works for you to confidently lead a sales call in a way that creates safety, helps you collect the information you need to screen for great-fit clients, and ensures you’re qualifying leads so you know you’re making offers with integrity to people you can help get the results they’re paying for.

  • help you get clear on how to position your offers and “pitch” in a way that has your people leaning in, hanging on your every word, nodding their heads, and telling you why this is exactly what they need and begging you to take their money.

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Additional details:

In this exclusive workshop, hear how I THINK about and approach sales calls, workshop your sales call, and answer common questions! 

You’ll also receive a bonus playbook to support you in making this six and seven-figure sales call framework personal to you and a replay of the workshop call that you can access again and again for those times you get the pre-discovery-call nerves to remind you that you’ve got this!

Ready to see what people mean when they say they “love sales” and be one of the people bragging about their sales call conversion rate?

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*This workshop is recorded and you’ll get access to the training and accompanying playbook to go through in your own time.

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