Sell Out Without Feeling Like a Sellout

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A six-week sales course designed to help map out a service-driven sales process you can rinse and repeat to book more clients & fill programs without the slimy, sleaze factor.

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Want to know the difference between that chick you stalk online who's always celebrating her income wins with balloons and the business owner you've never heard about?

Sadly, it's not always talent, skills, or about the quality of a product or program delivery.

It's marketing and sales that are the difference maker between riding the business struggle bus and making consistent $10k, $20k, & $100k months.

I would know, I've tried running my business scared to make offers, worried about seeming pushy or salesy, and hoping if I was just good enough, people would figure it out and hire me.

That made me about $800 per month.

I've also tried it the other way: learning the mindset, art, and strategy of service-driven selling and having a process I know I can rinse and repeat to fill my client pipeline.

That way has made me $1.2 million in revenue in 4.5 years from 1:1 alone.

More importantly, supporting my clients to use and master this process has allowed 28 clients to make $10k/month, 15 clients to make their first six-figure year, and three clients to scale from early stages of business to a million+.

Hi, I'm Kim, and I'm a business coach with a mission to help more business owners stop avoiding sales and treating it like a dirty, four-letter word and learn the SKILL of service-driven selling so you can make REAL money instead.

Maybe you're already in on the memo that sales are the lifeblood of your business.

Maybe you've binged on every sales training, book, and webinar you can get your hands on.

Maybe you’ve plunked a couple of grand down on a shiny sales course.

But, sales still feel elusive. Confusing. Like there’s something you’re missing.

And, if you’re honest? Sales still feel manipulative and kinda gross.

It’s the part of business that makes you wonder if you’re really cut out to be an entrepreneur.

I’m here to tell you selling out your offers doesn’t have to make you FEEL like a sell out.

What's inside?

6-weeks of course material with over 30 video lessons and accompanying workbooks delivered straight to your inbox to help you apply what you learn to help you speed up your results so you can get out there and start making sales.


Clarity & Mindset

How to get your brain on board and behind selling, and how to bring the service and heart to sales.


Messaging & Positioning

Selling what your people are *actually* buying with integrity so you can turn "I can't afford it" into "Take my money!". Steal the tips and tools my clients and I use to get booked out in this lesson.


Your Path to Sales & Profit

Mapping out your sales process and learning how to fill your client pipeline with potential clients & customers.


Sales Convos that Convert

A walkthrough of hosting sales conversations without scripts, so you know how to book right-fit clients without feeling like a robot or fake. We're covering opening calls, holding calls, and transitioning to a pitch from BOTH free sessions and discovery calls (or consultations).


Navigating Objections with Care

Learn the three reasons people have objections and how to lean into these conversations without being pushy, manipulative, or crossing someone's boundaries or values.


The Fortune's in the Follow-up

How to leverage the power of follow-ups and the exact strategy that exponentially increases your conversion rate for more sales, clients, and money.

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