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Kim Argetsinger

The details & what you get:

6 weeks of video lessons (over 30 lessons) delivered to your inbox on sales mindset and strategy designed to walk you through crafting your own sales process that sells.

lessons on stepping into the essential mindset you need to show up and sell like a boss.

 training on creating your own sales process, so you know how to connect, nurture, invite, and book a client.

a walkthrough sales calls and selling without scripts, so you know how to increase conversions without feeling like a robot or fake.

lessons on navigating objections and following up like a heart-centered boss so you stop leaving sales on the table.

6 weeks of bonus playbooks with powerful journaling prompts to help you apply the course lessons to you and your business so you can take action and implement your own sales mindset and strategy for selling more.

BONUS, if you complete the course material and send in your completed course work, you'll receive a complimentary 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Kim.

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