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get the dirt on the business rules you've been taught, how blindly following them can sabotage your cash results, and why it's essential you question the rules if you want to make money on your terms.

identify the sneaky rule-following mindset keeps you stuck spinning your wheels and throwing spaghetti at the wall... and learn how to shift this thinking so you can show up like the boss you are and get PAID.

discover the #1 way making your own rules helps your business stand out, impact more lives, and makes you bank.

walk through a business rules audit to help you get your eyes back on your own paper and identify where you might be stuck following someone else’s path to success.

learn the powerful questions that are essential to ask so you can write your own rules, create your version of success, and make more money doing what you love.

with Mindset Coach & Business Mentor

Kim Argetsinger

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