Sell Out Without Feeling Like a Sellout!

Sell Out Without Feeling Like a Sellout!

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Does the word ‘sales’ make you uncomfortable and give you knots in your stomach?  

Are you secretly hoping people will just find you and want to hire you so you can avoid the whole money + sales convo?  

Worried about being pushy, seeming desperate, or how you'll make people feel if you ask them for money?  

Or maybe you’ve always been ok with selling…until you started your own business and had to sell your own work.

If any of this is ringing true for you, I'd love to invite you to join me for SELL OUT WITHOUT FEELING LIKE A SELLOUT, a 3-DAY Money & Sales Mindset Challenge! 

Get ready to stop hiding in plain sight and sell with service, so you can make more money in a way that feels good!

During Sell Out Without Feeling Like a Sell Out, you'll:

>>Learn how your money and sales mindset affects your business.

>>Learn my ladder approach to money and sales and why this is important neurologically if we want to reach our money goals. 

>>Identify the TWO things we want to be clear on if we want to sell with integrity. {Integrity = sales that FEEL good}

>>Put this into action, so you can stop hiding in plain sight, sell from a place of service, and get paid!

*Course is delivered as a PDF and includes 3 training videos and 3 Playbooks.

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