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Hi, I'm Kim Argetsinger, a booked out, multi-six-figure business coach.

I've been in business for 8 years, have coached 16 clients to six-figures, many more to multi-six, and three clients to seven-figure years and above.

I've been fully booked and have made over $1.3 million online in the past 5 years from 1:1.

I don't tell you this to drop numbers, but to say, between my own business, the intimate work I do with my clients 1:1, and the peers I know and connect with...

I not only get business, but I also KNOW what's working TODAY to get you noticed, known, and paid online.

It's always been a part of my mission to keep it real and share fluff-free, value-packed content to help you get your own big results - without putting a big price tag next to it.

People have reached out to me for years to let me know that my free trainings are better than some paid courses they've signed up for, and that they've gone on to sign clients, make $10k months, and even sell new programs as a result.

That's why I created The Vault, a private podcast feed, where you can easily access all my best mini-masterclasses (for FREE!) designed to help you get noticed, known, and paid...all delivered weekly in easy-to-listen audio format so you can tune in while you're on a run or picking your kids up from school.

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