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private action and accountability coaching

Ready to take consistent, strategic action and truly be held accountable to your vision so you can unleash your potential?

You know what you're doing. You're smart, so smart, you can concoct a great excuse when you let yet another great idea to move your business forward sit on the back-burner as life seems to get in the way.

You don't need someone to tell you what to do, but some space to think outloud and strategize sounds great.

You'd love someone to check-in with, bounce ideas off of, and hold you to the fire to do what you know you need to do.

I hear you, and I'd love to support you. Consider me your coach, business partner, and supportive, sounding board all wrapped up in one.

Click below to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation. Please do this. I know you - you'll plan on it and then not get around to it...but I can't hold you accountable until we're working together! So take action now, so we can get the ball rolling!

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I Want to help you:

success + mindset business coaching

*Get out of your own way.

*Create an action plan and break it down into bite-sized, manageable goals.

*Truly hold you accoutnable to your intentions, goals, plans, and bigger vision.

*Move your business needle forward.

*Work through old tapes, stories, and fears that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in procrastination and perfectionism. 

*Untangle the ideas and thoughts you have to create focus. 

*Brainstorm new ideas, problem solve, strategize, and see the forest from the trees.

kim argetsinger coaching testimonial

unleash your potential  IS FOR YOU IF:

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You're an ambitious, whip-smart solopreneur, creative, or coach.

You have a good idea of WHAT you need to do, you just never seem to actually get it done. 

You have a lot of ideas (shiny object syndrome, anyone?) and need help narrrowing in and creating FOCUS.

You want someone to brainstorm and collaborate with, so you can strategize and make a plan of action.

You want to be held accountable big time so you actually follow through.

You want to learn how to navigate through the procrastination and perfectionism that holds you back.


Unleash your potential ISN'T FOR YOU IF:

  • You're looking for relationship, health, or general career coaching. These areas aren't my expertise, so if you're looking for guidance here, I'd be happy to refer you to one of my amazing coaching colleagues. 
  • You're looking for support with SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, tech, design, or hiring or managing teams. All awesome, exciting stuff! I can speak generally to these topics, but this isn't where I'll shine or best support you.
  • You aren't able to invest time or resources into coaching.
  • You're feeling desperate and looking for a quick-fix or silver bullet. As your coach, I've got you and will gladly hold space for you, but I'm not offering a 7-step, overnight success formula. My work focuses on mindset, business clarity and strategy, and accountability. I believe in the long-game over the crash-and-burn approach to business. 

Sound like this might be a fit? I'd love to connect and see how I can support you.

The journey begins with a free consultation! Schedule your call below.

Unleash Your potential Includes:

  • A Welcome Packet with mindset and goal-setting tools to get you started.

  • Personalized, intimate attention on you + your biz (because it's all connected). 
  • Space to plan, strategize, and create focus around your next steps.
  • Accoutnability with a capital A!
  • A safe space for deep discovery work, brainstorming, and strategizing. 
  • Clarity and ah-has into your blind spots.
  • My years of coaching experience, background in psychology, business and marketing know how, love of learning, and unique career history combined with my intuition and empathy.
  • My support and unwavering belief in you.
  • A "business bestie" to support and cheer you on.


  • 6-Month Private Coaching Program with 18, 60-minute, private coaching calls (that's 3 calls per week with a week off to impliment).  
  • Email support and accountability check-ins. (You'll have my personal email and access to me in-between sessions.)
  • Post-program coaching support only available to clients who have successfully completed my coaching programs.


  • Full access to The Foundation Vault, an online Vault with business strategy lessons and modules.
  • Access to the self-study course Get Unstuck: Unlock Your Success designed to help you identify and shift mindset blocks that hold you back.
  • Access to all Masterclasses, including Identify & Book Your Dream Clients, Mindset Practices, and Cultivate a CEO Mindset.


$3,900 {Paid in Full} or 6 monthly payments of $650.

Are you ready to unleash your potential?

Click the button below to schedule a complimentary 60-minute consultation. 

On this call we'll discuss your bigger vision, your needs, and how I can help.

Together we'll discover what's possible. 

I can't wait to meet you!

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About Kim

success and mindset business coaching

Hi, I'm Kim!

I help ambitious, soulful entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches get clear on their vision, strengthen their mindset, create a personalized plan, and take inspired action to bring their business + life to the next level.

I don't think any of us got into the business of being in business to be a carbon copy of someone else, and I don't believe in a one-size-fits all version of success. 

I believe success (however you define it) is created from a having a clear vision, strategy, focus, action, grit, consistency, positive habits, and a very specific mindset. I work with you to create the mindset and strategy that breeds your version of success and hold you accountable to your vision. 

I've combined my years of coaching experience, background in psychology, business and marketing know how, love of learning, and unique career history with my intuition and empathy to create my signature compassionate, yet strong, style of coaching. Together we co-create your vision, work through the blocks holding you back, so you can think bigger than your current thoughts and take inspired action to bring your business + life to the next level.

I believe our dreams aren't random, and we can all create the life we want. It's my passion to help you create your version of success.

Are you ready for more in your business + life? Click the button below. The journey begins with a free consultation!

Kim Argetsinger coaching testimonial

Kim Argetsinger coaching testimonial

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Kim Argetsinger coaching testimonial

Kim Argetsinger coaching testimonial

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Kim Argetsinger coaching testimonial

You've reached the end! I'd love to talk to you and see how I can support you + your business!

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