WELCOME! Thanks for checking out my private coaching offers.

I work privately with solopreneurs, creatives, and coaches ready to bring their business and life to the next level. It's my mission to help you see what's possible and make it happen! 

I love my clients and work closely with them, often for many months, sometimes years. I love watching them get rid of the stories that are holding them back and truly own and create their version of success.

That being said, you should know working with me isn't for everyone. 

What you can expect: 

Listening to your every word and the words you don't say, so there's no hiding. Goal-setting and strategy. True accountability - I will hold you to the fire. Diving deep. Cursing. Being challenged. Laughing and calling the human experience for what it is. Brain talk; I want you to understand what's going on in your brain so we can "brain hack". A whole lot of love, cheerleading, and someone who will be gently call you out when you're playing small and lying to yourself. Celebrations. An open book, and my personal experiences as they relate to yours. Brainstorming. Strategizing. Tips and "tricks". Insights and reflections. Co-creation and collaboration. 

Ready for more? Scroll below, I've got a few ways I work with my amazing clients 1:1!


Unlock Your Success

In the first year or two of business and feel a little like you're spinning your wheels, stuck in your head, and throwing spaghetti at the wall?

Unlock Your Success is for you if : 

You're ready to create clarity, get unstuck and out of your head, and map out a strategic, blueprint of action. You don't want another worksheet or course; you want 1:1 attention, a personalized plan, and support and accountability that aligns with your version of success.

Unleash your Potential

Are you a whip-smart entrepreneur but finding that working solo leaves you with no space to brainstorm or think outloud?

Realizing that your self-accountability is a little ho-hum and you never seem to follow through on those ideas you know would move your business needle forward?

Unleash Your Potential is for if:

You've already got your business up and running and want someone to brainstorm with, strategize, help you see the forest from the trees, and really hold you accountable to consistently taking the steps you know you need to bring your business and life to the next level.


Are you a high-achieving, established solopreneur, creative, or coach who's ready for MORE? Are you a little bored and feeling some guilt creep in?

UPLEVEL is right for you if:

You're ready for MORE (and ready to stop apologizing for wanting more!), want confidence like whoa, want clarity, and want to show up in a bigger, more authentic way. This isn't just about external success, this is about inside-out success, and you're ready to dive deep to UPLEVEL your business and life.

Kim Argetsinger client testimonial

kim argetsinger coaching testimonial

Kim Argetsinger client testimonial

Kim Argetsinger client testimonial

Kim Argetsinger testimonial