A few simple and practical action steps you can apply to your Instagram profile now to make it more inviting!

“People will stare. Make it worth their while." -Harry Winston

Easy Instagram Tweaks:  

instagram profile

1. If you're using Instagram for your business or creative work, please make sure your account is public. No one can stumble upon your genius if you have a private account!

Consider this a baby step to putting yourself out there, being visible, and opening yourself up to opportunity.

2. If you haven't done so already, switch over to a business account.  

3. Optimize Your Profile! When someone comes across your account and decides to "follow" you, they do so on your profile page. This is like the front door to your Instagram house. It's where you welcome people in.  

A lot of us forget to tend to our "front lawn" and it looks unruly and unwelcoming.  

When there's no thought or intention put into the profile, you're essentially saying, "I don't care" or "no one is home". 

This is your chance to lay out your welcome mat and invite people in!

Easy Ways to Make Your Profile More Inviting:  

instagram profile tips

First, let's make sure you're in the right place to edit your profile. If you take a look at your profile, you can simply click "edit profile".

If you do nothing else, please make sure you have a weloming profile photo. Instagram is a visual platform and this is the image people will begin to identify you with.

Go with a photo or image that is on brand. Bright colors tend to pop up better. 

Keep in mind these images are pretty small in the feed and choose an image accordingly. 

I like to keep my profile photos the same across different platforms so people know they're in the right place if they found me somewhere else first. This creates cohesiveness and recognition. 

Now, let's look at your "Usernname". This is the second line down and what will show are your name on your account. This is the main name people will find you under.  

What follows after "Username" is the same name that will follow the @ symbol. For me, this is @kimargetsinger.  

Right above "Username", you can edit your "Name". Most people have both their username and name say the same thing.  

I like to use the "Name" space to share something different. Otherwise it's redudnat and a waste of valuable real estate!

You only get a little bit of space in your profile, so use this space to share something new. This information is also searchable, so adding in keywords or a location for location-based businesses here can help your account get found.

I like to use "Name" to list my business and what I do.  

Then, maximize your bio. Think of your bio as how you greet people as they walk inside your Instagram "home".

Get the Most Bang From Your Instagram Bio:

You get 150 characters. Use as many as you can!

You can also be bold and purposefully edit down. This can make a powerful statement when done right. @marieforleo does this well. But, you know, she's also Marie Forleo, so she can ;).

I like to type my bio out in the notes section of my phone first, since Instagram doesn't support formatting. This way I can format the lines the way I want them to visually show up.  

What should you put in your bio?  

instagram profile tips

This is your space to say, "Hi new friend, you're in the right place, come on in, and hang out with me."

You've already told people in the "Name" section what you do. So no need to tell people twice. They're already going to see this when they click on your profile.

I like to let people know they're in the right place and address who the page is for (those 'ideal clients' we talked about yesterday).  

Remember this account is all about your audience. Let them know they're in the right place and welcome them in!  

I like to add in a fun, connecting fact about me. Something I might tell someone I was meeting for the first time if they liked me what I do for fun or in my free time.  

Have fun with this and change it up from time to time. Anything goes here - get creative!

Then, add in a call to action of some sort and direct people to the link in your account. 

I change this up depending on what I'm sharing or highlighting at the moment. For example, sometimes I mention my newest blog, other times a new free gift, interview, or promotion I'm offering. 

If you created a business account, you'll be able to add the link you'd like to send people to where it says "Website" when you're editing your profile. 

*Bonus profile tip: use a specific #hashtag (do this sparingly), these are searchable!

*Use a few fun emoticons (less is more).

Tech Tip: I use linktree to link to more than one thing at a time. 

instagram profile tips

When you're finished, hit "Done" in the upper right hand corner to save your profile changes. "Cancel" in the upper left hand corner will undo any changes and revert back to your last save profile.

You can update any information about your business that you'd like viwers to have access to under "Business Information". This includes email, phone, and location. Note this is public.

Then, you're done! Whoo!

I know some of this might sound overly simple, but so often we forget about the simple stuff and try to jump right to whatever difficult trick we've heard about. But, if those aren't in place, we build our business and Instagram "house" on a foundation of quicksand! Simple doesn't mean not powerful.

I hope this was helpful!

Have fun creating your bio!

Kim Argetsinger

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