The Path to Consistent $10k Months

Allow me to save you years of trying to figure out what works to book clients and make reliable money, and walk you through mapping out your own plan for making recurring $10k+ months you can count on.

with multi-six-figure mindset & business coach Kim Argetsinger

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The numbers don't lie.

50 = the number of consecutive months I’ve made $10k or more cash including this one ($25k-$40k the past 3 years)

28 = the number of clients in my very small 1:1 only business that have made $10k cash months or more (in a variety of industries and niches).

More importantly, many of them have gone on to make their first six, multi-six, and seven-figure years.

Meaning, they haven’t just made $10k once because they had a launch, someone paid them in full, or they had some marketing luck and a viral sale.

They’re making recurring revenue they can count on month after month, year after year.

I don’t have to ask you what’s better than a five-figure cash deposit for you to agree with me that knowing how to avoid the income highs and lows is the certainty we’re all chasing in business.

My clients’ results might blow the industry norms out of the water, and I might love them and think they’re unicorns, but they’re also not doing anything you can’t do, too.

In fact, they’ve ALL had their doubts and insecurities, and none of them have a secret formula. 

They don’t even have the same business, niche, model, or marketing strategy.

What they do have is a clear process that works for them that they trust to rinse and repeat to bring in consistent right-fit leads they know how to turn into right-fit clients who stick around to keep the monthly cash deposits rolling in. 

And, one thing I can confidently tell you is while business revenue isn’t a straight line, you DON’T have to have feast or famine seasons with big peaks and valleys.

Making consistent $10k cash months and beyond IS possible, and it also doesn’t have to be as complicated as your brain or the gurus selling you their codes and access to their proximity make it out to be.

That’s exactly why I’m sharing it all in a Free Masterclass:

The Path to Consistent $10k Months:

letting go of the income highs & lows for recurring revenue

During this class, I’ll walk you through the exact clarity, mindset, strategy, and action you can use to map out your own, personalized and strategic plan for making five-figure+ months on repeat.

While I’ll never give you a one-size-fits all, plug-and-play formula, there is a practical science to business and manifesting money, and you’ll walk away from this class understanding what you need to have in place to execute for your own consistent $10k months.

Gifts are my business love language,

so when you sign up for this Free Masterclass, you’ll also receive:

  • A value-packed bonus workbook you can use to speed up your results.
  • One entry to win a full-length 1:1 $100k CEO mindset & strategy coaching session with me: a booked out, multi-six-figure coach with 7 ½  years of experience supporting clients to six, multi-six, and seven-figures.

People have reached out to tell me they’ve literally made $10k by putting my workshops into action, and this will be no different.

Is it your time for consistent $10k months?

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