“Unimaginably life-changing.

Coaching with Kim has been completely mind-blowing. Basically, I wish I could go back in time and start coaching with you earlier. It is incredible what an hour together, once a week has done for my business and life, and our call is always the highlight of my week!

Considering how much that hour each week has positively impacted every area of my life, it’s the most efficient and productive hour of my week. I have gained so much more than I hoped for, and I seriously couldn’t have dreamed up the massive growth and change that I’ve gotten from working together!

“I started working with Kim because I was feeling ‘stuck’ in my business. Prior to working together I was completely burned out. I felt like I was trying to run in a million different directions with absolutely no clarity anywhere. After every single call with Kim, I left with clear understanding of what I needed to do, the confidence to go after it and the excitement to keep moving forward.

Now, I have two businesses that I am in love with. The confidence I have in myself to run a successful business on my own terms is so wonderful.

I cannot thank you enough, Kim, for your guidance, patience and understanding. You’ve helped me gain so much clarity around myself and my business. Your demeanor always made me feel valued, listened-to and understood.

“What made me to work more closely with Kim was that I had a ton of ideas and directions I wanted to go in and it was honestly difficult to find focus and be consistent in one direction. It felt like I was not really getting the traction I was looking for in my business and I needed support to help guide me down a path where I could consistently talk things through, look at the bigger picture and receive consistent support from someone who really took the time to get to know me…

Working with Kim, I’ve been able to focus on specific ways to share my work with a larger audience and have felt supported as I moved from a primarily in person practice to one where I am offering my more work virtually.

Kim has a wonderful ability to listen and pull out the pieces that are important to talk through to find clarity and direction. She was able to help me see that some of the frustrations I was experiencing were natural growing pains as I was expanding my work which really helped me understand I was on track versus stuck or moving in the wrong direction.

Kim pulls from psychology and business and is a naturally sensitive listener which is extremely important to me…she supports you consistently while simultaneously being able to point out the areas where you need to stretch and push past your comfort zone. I’ve been so appreciative of our work together and all of the time and energy she gives!”

“Working with Kim is like having an assimilation machine for all of your thoughts and ideas when you’re overwhelmed, and a mirror that pinpoints and reveals to you where your soul is guiding you when you feel confused about your path.

Kim is a genius at asking the right questions to pull out the answers you desire to receive from within yourself.

Kim helped me to create a solid action plan that I felt confident in and excited about for a new sisterhood program I was thinking about launching in my business.I had a cohesive and detailed plan for next steps AND the big picture vision of how this program ties in with my personal mission. Kim’s guidance and coaching is impeccable!”

“Easy, insightful, motivating.

I was starting a new venture and felt overwhelmed and bogged down about where to start. There were so many moving pieces, distractions, and fears keeping me stuck in place.

You were seriously so helpful! I felt much calmer after talking to you. Working with you was easy, you made so much sense, put things into perspective, and gently redirected me when you knew we were going in the wrong direction.

I also thought you helped me to find great insight into some of the underlying reasons I was taking pause before taking action. After talking to you I felt much less bogged down and more excited and motivated to move forward. It relieved a lot of the pressures of getting certain tasks completed which freed me up to do the more fun and exciting work of connecting with potential clients.

I gained confidence, feel less overwhelmed, have clarity of goals, clarity of necessary tasks, set boundaries, and am more cognizant of my people pleasing and how often my fear impacts my ability to do my best work.​”

Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT
Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT