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Last week, we talked about taking a holistic view of our businesses.

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While our worth is not linked to our work, as solopreneurs and creatives, for many of us, we are our business. We are our work. So when something's up with us, when we’re feeling off, it can affect our business and the quality of what we’re putting out.

To take that a conversation a step further, I thought it would be great to talk about meditation.

Meditation is one of those things most of us have heard about but aren’t necessarily doing. I know I definitely used to fall into that camp. 

I had always heard about the benefits of meditation and thought I could just think about it and that would be good enough. Turns out it doesn't work that way.

Meditation has changed my life. Period. It's that impactful.

Instead of hearing me talk about meditation, I wanted to bring in an expert on the topic. I'm excited for this one!

Manisha Tare serves as a guide, mentor, and healing professional. She's also the person who got me started on meditation, so it seemed full circle to have her on the show today.

manisha tare meditation interview

Manisha Tare

“There are so many times when we just run through our days and our weeks, and we don’t even know what we’re thinking about because we’re thinking about so many things.”

On meditation and awareness: “Part of the practice is just to tune in to see...where am I placing so much of my attention.”

On the benefits of meditation: “It’s grown my capacity to sit with what’s uncomfortable.”

“When you have a meditation practice there’s just a little bit more space that gets created.”

We're talking all things meditation. Not to ruin the surprise, but at the end of our conversation, Manisha is graciously leading us through a powerful meditation. 

For those of you who are new to Manisha's world, she started her career in health in a very traditional way as an occupational therapist and was met with a shoulder injury in 2011 that caused her to seek out alternative therapies.Through engaging with a variety of healing modalities, she was able to support her own body’s healing and developed a new relationship with it which led to a change in her work.

Manisha now offers a combination of services including craniosacral therapy, therapeutic yoga, and mind-body coaching to help people process the emotions they are holding in their bodies which may be creating feelings of anxiety or low-level depression.

If you've been curious about meditation or are wanting to deepen your understanding and current practice, this interview is for you. 

So, sit in an upright, comfortable position, take a deep breath, and join us below for this conversation!


(You can also download the interview and listen to it anytime.)

I’d love for you to join us for the entire conversation, but here are the show notes if you want to jump around:

{3:40} - Manisha talks about her work and the mind-body connection.

{5:51} - We talk about the idea of success, and Manisha shares what success feels like for her now.

{8:32} Manisha explains meditation and talks about how her practice has evolved over the years.

{9:41} We talk about uncomfortable emotions and the power of awareness. 

{12:29} Manisha talks about the ways we buffer to avoid discomfort.

{14:34} Manisha shares the real-life benefits she and her clients experience from meditation.

{19:55} Some misconceptions about meditation.

{23:26} How meditation supports our goals and intentions.

{25:54} Manisha guides us through a powerful, live meditation! (meditation length is just under 10 minutes long)

{35:23} - Some things that can be tricky with meditation.

{37:33} Where you can connect with Manisha (I’ll also link to this below).

Once you’ve had a chance to listen, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know, how was experiencing this meditation? 

I hope this conversation inspires you to tune into your thoughts. Whether you've been practicing meditation for years or are brand new to it, I also hope it encourages you to deepen your practice.

Manisha, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us so generously! 

Wishing you your version of success,

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Connect with Manisha Tare:

Website: fallingleafwellness.net

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