Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

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"Everything is a test." - Terry Pratchett

I’m getting ready to celebrate the beta version of a group program I just finished running.

I’m pretty sure we have a full moon tonight, so it’s a perfect day to close out what has been a chapter of my business for the last five months.

I’ve loved every second of creating this group, the members in it, and watching them and their businesses grow.

As I was documenting my reflections for the beta, it made me think about how important it is as business owners to test our products and services. 

We hear a lot about big six and seven figure launches online, but there isn’t as much talk about what goes into successfully launching a program or course (or product!).

If we rewind the tape a bit further back, I suspect you’ll find some diligent entrepreneurs who first concocted an idea that solved their dream clients’ problems and then went out and tested this idea, looked for feedback, modified their offer (possibly a few times), before launching publicly. 

Testing is a crucial building block in the foundation of sustainable business success. 

This isn’t just my opinion. Take a look around. The last blockbuster movie you watched? There’s a good chance parts of that movie were tested with a live audience. Ditto the comedy show you’ve been binge-watching on Netflix.

Those sneakers you’re obsessed with? You better believe they went through various forms of testing. (fun fact: I was a Nike tester in college and got all sorts of fun running swag.)

I’d be willing to wager a bet that 95 percent of the products and services you’re obsessed with and can’t live without went through some form of testing.

That doesn’t even account for the number of products that are tested every year that never make it to market.

Giant corporations test their products and services. Even advertising agencies test their ads. 

Why? Because smart business owners know the value of testing. They know testing can save us time, money, energy, and heartache.

This is why I’ve always tested everything I offer in my business. And let me tell you, it’s a good thing, too, because there have been a few “failed” tests that resulted in squashing offers.

But testing takes effort and can be tempting to skip...which ends up holding a lot of entrepreneurs back.

In case you’re new to the concept of testing or need a little convincing, let me tell you why I think testing is a gotta do for business success.

5 Reasons to Run a Beta Test 

1. Proof of Concept

Oh yeah, that. Testing gives you proof that your product or service actually does what you say it will. 

This is kinda a big one in business if you want to put a dollar sign next to anything with integrity. 

How else do you know your offer delivers on the results you claim? You don’t…unless you test it.

Bonus, by getting clear and getting proof of concept we also build trust with our tribe.

2. Does Anyone Actually Want It?

Sometimes we have the BEST ideas. I mean, the most ingenious, brilliant, life-changing ideas AND they work, they deliver result, but it turns out no one wants to buy them.

I SO get how painful and soul-crushing this can feel especially for the passionpreneurs and creatives out there. It’s heartbreaking to realize your baby isn’t something the market wants. 

But, this is one of the reasons we test! While testing can’t tell us how a launch will perform, it can give us a good idea if our offer is something people want to invest time and money in. This can save us a lot of time, energy, and heartache if it turns out our genius isn’t something the general public is ready for (yet).

3. Do you even want to offer this?

Another great reason to test? We don’t know if we’re going to enjoy offering a product or service until we try it!

SO many concepts sound amazing on paper and look really shiny when we see them online on someone else’s website but are an entirely different thing when we put them into practice in our business. 

One of the reasons I test everything I offer is because half of what I test turns out to be a drag on me! 

I tested one program in particular that the testers liked but had me saying “I want to rip up my business”. That’s the best possible information to get during a test and not after you’ve committed to a year-long program or invested your life savings into product production.

You know I believe in creating your version of success and that includes creating offers you actually want to sell.

4. Feedback

This is a bit Captain Obvious but crucial to mention: when we test, we receive feedback.

Feedback is essential to business success and growth. (It’s so important, it’s a part of my coaching framework!)

When we run an offer through a beta test, we get invaluable feedback. Feedback in the form of what works and what doesn’t work. Feedback that allows us to know what to adjust or tweak, add in or subtract. Feedback in the form of testimonials!

I’ll spare you my excitement (for today) on the virtues of feedback, but suffice it to say, this is one of the glorious benefits of testing.

5. Bye, bye Imposter Syndrome

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been hit with a case of Imposter Syndrome (raises both hands).

Imposter Syndrome is a real thing that can wreak havoc on our confidence. And, it turns out, confidence is an important ingredient of business success.

While the root cause of Imposter Syndrome is varied, one way to squash this fear and boost confidence is through tangible evidence that you are in fact legit (too legit to quit). 

When we test, a few things happen that help bolster our confidence. We release the pressure valve a bit because “testing” allows room for mistakes and even failure. 

We also show up and take action. Action, my friend, is fear and Imposter Syndrome’s nemesis. 

We also gather that feedback we just talked about, and when the feedback lets us know our product or service rocks, it’s impossible not to feel more confident and less like an imposter. 

I continue to stand firm in my belief of testing and gratitude for it as I get ready to close out and celebrate this beta test this afternoon.

I’m amazed at the gold this beta has once again given me. Because whether it leads to a big launch or lives and dies in the lab, testing fosters personal and business growth. 

So, go out and there and get testing! And, remember as Terry Pratchett says, “Everything is a test.”

Wishing you your version of success!

beta testing

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