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Rosalynne Love

"I want to tell people they can, and it is possible."

"In that moment of weakness, you find your strength."

"You are your own story."

"You speaking out is giving someone else permission to speak out and believe in themselves. You're doing someone else a disservice by holding back and being captive to fear."

Ever been told your dreams are "unrealistic" or that what you want to do isn't possible? Rosalynne Love is about to turn all of that on its head.

This week, I'm back with another Success Stories Interview, and I'm so excited to share this one with you! I'm chatting with the lovely Rosalynne Love, who is wise beyond her years.

Rosalynne owns an online retail shop called Rosalynne Love, where she sells hand-lettered apparel and mugs. Her company's purpose is to love on others through spreading joy and encouragement through fun, inspiring products. 

"I just want to make beautiful things, love like Jesus, go on adventures with my hubby, and drink lots of coffee."

I mean come on, don't you just love her already?

For anyone who's been sitting on the fence, thinking about taking the leap to pursue a passion or artistic talent, I think this you'll especially connect with what Rosalynne has to share.

In this interview, we're talking about balancing grit and going with the flow in business and in life...and celebrating those first steps and every other milestone along the way.

Rosalynne and I jam on:

  • {2:10} her version of success, the importance of taking that first step, and celebrating (a girl after my own heart).
  • {3:10 } going for it in business and life, the fear that comes along with the leap, and how this translates into growth.
  • {3:35} the stories we tell ourselves.
  • {5:20} some of the grit and grace that have gone on behind the scenes of Rosalynne's business. 
  • {6:05} comparison! 
  • {6:30} the importance of celebrating the small wins and having the grace to be kind to yourself in the less than shiny moments. 
  • {6:55} business boundaries and not defining yourself and worth through your business.
  • {7:50} perspective, positivity, and being aware of the mind and what you let affect you.
  • {10:20} what success means to Rosaylnne and the first year in her business.
  • {12:05} owning our story and the journey we're on.
  • {13:05} how we can get in our own way.
  • {15:05} the struggle of believing in yourself, comparison, and taking the leap.
  • {16:05} Rosaylnne's words of wisdom on speaking out and fear.

Rosaylnne's incredibly inspiring and full of beautiful nuggets of wisdom! I was nodding my head throughout our entire conversation!


(You can also download the interview and listen to it any time.)

Once you’ve had a chance to listen, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know what's your biggest take away from this conversation - and why? 

I hope this conversation inspires you to own your story, believe your dreams are possible, and go for it (whatever your "it" may be)!

Rosalynne, thanks for taking the time to share a behind the scenes look into your business and all of your inspiration and wisdom! 

Wishing you your version of success!

Kim Argetsinger success + mindset business coach

P.S. I hoped on FB live to dive a little deeper into one of the topics Rosalynne and I talked about - the power of celebration. Click below to join me!

Here's where you can connect with Rosalynne and get to know her beautiful work and world:

Websites: rosalynnelove.com

Instagram: @rosalynnelove

Facebook: facebook.com/rosalynnelove

Pinterest: pinterest.com/rosalynnelove/

Twitter: @rosalynnelove