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Lecia Fox Podcast Interview


“It was a really scary time because I wasn’t sure why my body at the age of 24 was falling apart."

“My struggle wth worthiness is what brought me to where I am today.”

On boldness: "Genius means getting out of your comfort zone.”

On finding your purpose: “I always say one step at a time. It has to be small digestible pieces.”

On diets and nutrition: “Nothing beats understanding your body. There is no one size fits all.”


For any of you who have ever asked, "Who am I to do this?", this week's interview is for you.

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the founder of FoxFitness, Lecia Fox. She shared her journey of finding self-love, self-worth, and her purpose.

For those of you just getting to know Lecia, you're in for a treat!

Lecia and I go 'way back' to my acting days when I was waiting tables in LA. Both of our lives were pretty different then, and we were more likely to talk about taking shots of whiskey than shots of truth.

I was psyched when Lecia agreed to this interview because as you're about to find out, she's pretty dang amazing. I also know first hand the authenticity behind Lecia's words.

After noticing her body deteriorating and feeling unsure of what she was doing with her life (something I'm pretty sure most of us can relate to), Lecia went on a mission to transform her life from the inside out. 

“Without me realizing that this was happening, Foxfitness was being born. Sometimes our darkest paths are taking us through to become these teachers."

This led to the work Lecia does now, empowering women through Intuitive body movement, combined with meditation and affirmation prayer practice.

For those of you new to Lecia's world, she's a mind/soul/body alignment coach and the founder of FoxFitness, which is a space for sisterhood, high-vibe connection, nutrition, fitness and holistic beauty practices.

Lecia and I are getting real and digging deep. We're talking fitness, body image, meditation, life transformation, and sharing a few laughs. (I get a little amped up in this one, so if you're listening with little ones around, be forewarned that I drop the F-bomb.)

Lecia shares so much goodness in this interview. Get comfy and join us in this conversation below!


(You can also download the interview and listen to it anytime.)

I’d love for you to join us for the entire conversation, but here are the 'Cliff Notes' if you want to jump around:

{1:40} Lecia shares a personal, powerful story that led to her founding Fox fitness.

{5:46} A few of Lecia's prescriptions and affirmations.

{9:00} What success looks like for Lecia.

{13:36} We dig into Lecia's mission and how boldness, intuition, discipline tie into her approach with fitness and health.

{14:54} The most common question Lecia gets asked by people stepping in to work with her and her brilliant response. 

{15:30} Lecia and I jam on the power of discipline and give it a better rap! 

{16:29} Lecia talks about the emotions behind moving your body and how we eat.

{20:53} Lecia digs into the inner work of fitness and nutrition. 

{24:21} A look behind the scenes at the transformational meditation and experience that went into creating FoxFitness. 

{33:00} Lecia acknowledges powerfully that she is worthy. She talks about how many of us struggle with being worthy of love, our dreams, and our pricing. 

{39.44} Lecia busts some fitness and nutrition myths!

{47:20 } Where you can find Lecia and FoxFitness online. (links are also below!)

Once you’ve had a chance to listen, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know, what was your biggest takeaway?

I hope this conversation reminds you of how worthy you are. I also hope it inspires you to be bold and step outside your comfort zone, listen to your intuition, and trust discipline.

Lecia, thank you for taking the time to share with us so openly and generously! 

Wishing you your version of success,

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