2016! The Year of...

I don’t know about you, but I love New Year’s - the sparkly outfits, the fireworks, the champagne, the excitement of something new and fresh to come. But, I hate the New Year’s Resolution hangover that inevitably comes crashing down weeks or months later. 

That’s why this year, I’m tossing out the resolutions. 

Instead, I’m stepping up my game all year long and committing to being hopelessly devoted to helping you.

I've been listening closely, and the struggle you've shared with me time and time again is identifying your real goals (not someone else’s you’ve adopted!) and mapping out a plan of action that you stick to.

That’s why I’m declaring 2016 the year of making sh*t happen. (can I say sh*t?)

That’s right. You heard me. I'm on a mission to help you discover your dreams, act upon them, make some awesome, life-changing things happen, and then do a happy dance and celebrate. Because, honestly, what’s the point if you can’t stop and celebrate once in a while?

Here's a peek at what I have in store for 2016:

This new website with bi-monthly blog updates full of tips, tools, anecdotes, and my favorite inspirational quotes and resources. 

One-on-one coaching packages with fun and helpful bonuses. Get ready to shift your perspective, amplify your actions, and breakdown your barriers.

A Dynamic Mastermind Group Program, with hand-selected, like-minded people, to give you a more affordable entry into coaching. Think of this as your power circle; a group that comes together to lift each other up, brainstorm, trouble shoot, and keep one another on track. 

Annnnd, super fun, informative, "ah-ha" inducing workshops (we might even break out the bubbly at a few).

In addition to everything I've just mentioned? You can also expect lots of fun, helpful surprises from me in 2016. I'm cooking up a free e-book and some other goodies to share.

I'd love to know what’s on YOUR mind for 2016! What  are you committed to?  What can't you wait to celebrate?

Happy Happy New Year! 

xo, Kim