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The Truth About a $40k Cash Month: 5 Business ‘Mistakes’ I Made At The Start So You Don’t Have To

(and the lessons you can steal for your own $10k+ months)

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with mindset coach & business mentor Kim Argetsinger

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Hey you, I see you working on your business - late, early, when the kiddos are asleep, in the cracks of time between your pay-the-bills job…

Starting to wonder if you’ll ever make that money you keep asking The Universe for?

Secretly crushing on those $10k months everyone and their sister seems to be talking about...even though you’re starting to hate the idea as much as you know you want it?!

Wondering when it *actually* starts to feel ‘easy’...or maybe just wondering if you’ll ever make this business thing work and pay off?

Hi 👋🏻, been there, bought the t-shirt, and drove the struggle bus.

I’ve also built a multi-six-figure business MY way, that’s been fully booked for years, makes multi-5-figure cash months on repeat, and has closed $88k in sales in one month from 1:1 alone (without ads or a big launch).

And, if I’m honest, the path didn’t look exactly how I thought it would.

That’s exactly why I want to share a real look behind-the-scenes at 5 of the biggest business ‘mistakes’ I made at the start and the lessons I learned so you don’t have to make them and can get to your own five-figure+ months with a lot more ease.

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The truth about a $40k cash month: 5 Business ‘Mistakes’ I Made At The Start So You Don’t Have To
(and the lessons you can steal for your own $10k+ months)

You’ll walk away from this instant access training with actionable, SIMPLE tips about what it really takes to make five-figure cash months on repeat and lots of inspiration you can put into practice NOW to create your own $10k+ months on your terms…without the hustle and struggle once and for all.

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During this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • the #1 thing that kept me on the struggle bus at the start of my business and what I did to turn that baby around to start making consistent multi-five-figure cash months (and how you can leverage this lesson for your own income wins).
  • the biggest ‘mistake’ I made in my first year of business that stalled revenue growth and the surprisingly simple shift that helped me get fully booked with a wait list, sell $88k of 1:1 in a month, and how you can avoid this entrepreneurial trap to book more clients.
  • the ‘productive’ thing I used to stay up until 3 am grinding out that never moved the business needle forward...and what you need to know so you can build, grow, and scale your business profit in less time.
  • the most common way I see entrepreneurs stay stuck, spinning their wheels, for years and actionable tips I share with my private coaching clients that you can implement immediately to get out of your own way to see more money and way more ease in your business NOW.

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