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I'm going to tell what I'm not supposed to say as a business coach.

Everything changes and gets SO MUCH easier in business when you start making $250k or more per year (that's about $20k/month).

In fact, listen to this from the 2019 American Express Report on the State of Women Owned

"Growth in both employment and revenues begins to take off for women-owned
businesses when they reach $250,000 in revenues.

Supporting businesses on the
cusp of crossing this threshold ($100,000 to $249,999) — and those that have crossed
it — could accelerate the growth of larger women-owned businesses."

I'm HERE FOR THIS, and I want this for you.

Don't hear me wrong.

I'm not saying making those holy grail $10k months or your first six-figures isn't a BIG A$$ deal. Because it IS.

I remember my entire business and life changed for the better when I started making consistent five-figure months.

But, do hear this: you're not being greedy or ungrateful if you're secretly (or not-so-secretly) crushing on recurring $20k months and beyond.

Because let's be honest, making six-figures as a business owner doesn't mean you're paying yourself six-figures after taxes, health insurance, and expenses.

You're also not crazy if it's feeling TOUGH AF to break past the $8k-$12k/month ceiling.

That's because, as the saying goes:

"What got you here, won't get you to where you want to go next."

What helped you cash in on your first six-figures needs to be updated if you're ready to smash into the $250k+/year club.

And, after supporting 15 clients to six-figures, and countless of those clients to then go on to make consistent $20k months and beyond for multi-six and seven-figure years, I KNOW exactly what you need to make this happen.