Private Coaching to help you unlock Your success, strengthen your mindset, and map out a personalized plan of action to bring your life to the next level.

Unlock Your Success


I work with creative, ambitious high achievers like you who are ready to stop settling and step into a life they love

If you're ready to play full out in your life, I want to talk to you.

Together, we'll explore and do some deep discovery work.

We'll get clear on what success really looks like for you and create a personalized blueprint that works for you. We'll work through blocks, limiting beliefs, and any other stories that are holding you back. We'll create a plan of action and set inspired goals. Along the way, I'll be there to guide you and keep you in the game when frustration sets in and you want to call it quits. 

If you're ready for more in your work and play - I so get it. I've so been there, and I'm ready to help.

Consider this your official invitation to get the clarity, support, and tools you need. 

The journey begins with a free call.  

This is my gift to you. On this call we'll discuss your needs, how I can help, and together, we'll discover what's possible. 

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Kim Argetsinger

Unlock Your Success

VIP private Coaching

The Details:

  • 4 60-min coaching sessions per month.
  • Weekly email check-ins and follow-ups.
  • 24/7 support! You'll have my personal email and access to me in-between sessions.
  • Access to post-program coaching support only available to clients who have successfully completed my 3-month or 6-month coaching programs.

You Get:

  • Personalized, intimate attention on you + your career (because it's all connected).
  • A safe space for discovery work.
  • Clarity and ah-has into your blind spots.
  • Space to think out loud and expand your dreams. 
  • A personalized action plan.
  • Accountability.
  • Success and mindset tools.
  • My support and unwavering belief in you.

Unlock your success Private coaching IS FOR YOU IF:

  • You're ready for change and want to create a life you love.
  • You know you're meant for more.
  • You're ready to step up, play full out, and uplevel your work + life.
  • You want to dive deep and do the work to gain clarity and create focus.
  • You want to be held accountable to a new standard for your life and work.
  • You want to show up and take responsibility for your life + success.
  • You want to live life on your terms.
  • You're ready to identify and clear the blocks holding you back.
  • You're ready to invest in yourself.

Unlock your success Private coaching ISN'T FOR YOU IF:

  • You expect to make 6-figures in 6-weeks, while sipping margaritas from the beach. While I love money and a frothy drink with an umbrella by the water as much as the next girl - when it comes to you and your dreams, I believe in building a solid foundation, taking consistent action, showing up, and a little grit. I believe the "Universe Has Your Back" when you meet it halfway and do the work. I'm not here to sell you an overnight success, get-rich-quick formula. 
  • You want to make excuses for why you can't do the work and play small.

If this sounds like a Hell Yeah! Click the button below. The journey begins with a free call where we discuss your bigger vision, your needs, and how I can help!

Incredible; not an experience easily replaced. I started working with Kim because I felt stuck and frustrated in finding confidence to move forward in my professional & personal life. It felt like a seismic shift in the realization of what I need to do professionally and also understanding and feeling empowered by what my worth is personally and professionally. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find someone as empathetic, kind, challenging, articulate, and thoughtful as Kim to help decode your life and give you perspective. AMAZING.
— Alex May, writer

About Kim

Kim Argetsinger

Hi, I'm Kim! 

I help creative, ambitious high achievers get clear on their version of success, get out of their own way, and create a life of work + play they love

I don't believe success is a cookie cutter, one-size-fits all kind of thing. That being said, I'm obsessed with studying successful folk, and I've learned they share similar habits and mindsets.


I believe success (however you define it) is created from a combination of a clear vision, focus, action, grit, consistency, positive habits, and a very specific mindset. I work with you to create the mindset that breeds your version of success.

I've combined my years of coaching experience, background in psychology, love of learning, and unique history as an actress with my intuition and empathy to create my signature compassionate, yet strong, style of coaching. Together we co-create your vision, work through the blocks holding you back, so you can take inspired action, and bring your work + play to the next level.

I believe our dreams aren't random, and we can all create the life we want. It's my passion to help you create your version of success.

Are you ready for more? Click the button below. The journey begins with a free call where we discuss your bigger vision, your needs, and how I can help!

Working with Kim helped me to get to the next place I needed to be, which is ready to run my business like a business. We did deep work around me holding myself back, patterns I have, my beliefs around money, and feeling better about marketing. Now I feel ready to do this and give it my all. Kim showed up 110% for me, and it helped me show up that way, too. Our sessions were full; every session was filled with a lot of clearing of blocks and working through my feelings. I felt beyond supported, never judged. I felt like Kim truly believed in me. I really felt like she was on top of it, cared about me, and was devoted to my journey. So powerful. So good. So transformative. Amazing. Powerful. Exactly what I needed.”
— Kelley Cooper, life coach,
I started working with Kim when I was transitioning from some more standard, ‘secure’ work to growing my own business. Needless to say, I was in the midst of moving through anxiety and doubt while trying to clarify the direction of my work. Kim was a steady and loving presence throughout. She pushed me in the just the right way to open up my beliefs around how I could offer my work, talk about it, or what types of people would even be drawn to it. It was interesting and eye-opening to notice what limitations I was putting on myself. With Kim’s gentle yet effective questioning, I was able to expand my vision for myself and my service in the world and I’m so very appreciative! I would highly recommend working with her.”
— Manisha Tare, OTR/L, MPH, RYT,
I loved working with Kim! I suppose, “Yay!” really sums up my experience. I started working with Kim because I knew I was stuck. I felt I was in my own way, constantly over-thinking everything, and getting caught up in my own head. I felt as though, I just needed someone to nudge me along, to give me permission to succeed.
— Kenta-Thomas Naoi, designer + entrepreneur,
Working with Kim is like having an assimilation machine for all of your thoughts and ideas when you’re overwhelmed, and a mirror that pinpoints and reveals to you where your soul is guiding you when you feel confused about your path. Kim is a genius at asking the right questions to pull out the answers you desire to receive from within yourself. Kim helped me to create a solid action plan that I felt confident in and excited about for a new sisterhood program I was thinking about launching in my business. When I first met Kim, it was just an idea - after our one hour session together, I had a cohesive and detailed plan for next steps AND the big picture vision of how this program ties in with my personal mission and what impact it will be able to create in the lives of the women I serve in my own life and business. Creating what Kim and I did in an hour would have taken me at least a few weeks to do on my own. Kim’s guidance and coaching is impeccable!”
— Emily Cassel, feminine leadership coach,
Working with Kim was truly life-altering and a gift that keeps on giving in the life I live today. Her coaching style is powerful and effective, and she used her insight to guide me through obstacles preventing me from living the life I knew I was capable of but couldn’t quite achieve on my own. Every minute with Kim is time well spent!”
— Joanne Ozug, lifestyle blogger + personality,
Kim uses her stellar intuition to guide the conversation in a way that makes you feel comfortable; she helps from where you’re at, not from where she wants you to be. You will leave your session with Kim not only feeling better in general, but feeling a very specific direction and set of goals, including accountability, if you so choose. I would give Kim my highest recommendation to anyone looking to make any kind of breakthrough, whether it be personal or professional.”
— Porter Kelly, actress,
Kim’s guidance was loving, intentional, and encouraged rapid, personal progress. Seemingly effortless, she was able to pinpoint what it was I needed as far as validation, steps forward, and concrete ways I could transform. It was so special, and I trusted her completely. I’ve also personally changed for the better from the experience, and I can’t wait to work with Kim again.”
— Sophie Hassett, actress